European and Quebec references on fasciatherapy and the Danis Bois Method: magazine articles, books and websites

Founding School of Fasciatherapy

International College Method Danis Wood

Center for Study and Applied Research in Perceptive Psychopedagogy (CERAP)
Fernando Pessoa University, Porto

The Danis Bois Method. Somato-psychopedagogy …
Somato-PsychoPedagogy and Fasciatherapy Quebec


Scientific article presented at the Boston Harvard Medical School in October 2007
Article presented at the first international fascial research conference ( by Nadine Quéré, professor at the School of Fasciatherapy of France and Patrizia d’Alessio professor and researcher in cell biology in Paris. These are the results of their research on the effects of fasciatherapy on the relaxation of the vascular wall following stress.

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Article published in the magazine Psychologie de France, September 2002
Fasciatherapy is a reeducation technique and manual therapy created by Danis Bois. His main fields of action are pain, stress, somato-psychopedagogy, sport …
Fasciatherapy, hands listening to the body (FR)

Interview conducted as part of CTRTV’s “Pour vous et moi” program, October 2013
Since October 28, you could see and hear Nathalie d’Aragon fasciatherapist, a work that is similar to osteopathy, but a little more … explain the benefits of this therapy! She was on the show: For you and me at CTB-TV Lanaudière …
Nathalie d’Aragon October 2013 (FR) or Download it in wmv format (windows media video)

Other references


  • Roger Fiamemetti, Le langage émotionnel du corps, l’approche somato-émotionnelle Chemin de libération, DERVY, 2008 (ISBN 9782911074394)
  • Serge Paoletti, Les Fascias, Rôle des tissus dans la mécanique humaine, Sully, 2002 (ISBN 9782844542885)
  • Stephane Rudaz, Guide des métiers du nouvel âge, Recto-Verseau, 1993 (ISBN 9782883430105)
  • Marcel Bientfait, Le Fascia, Le Pousoe, 1982


  • Christian Carini avec la collaboration de Micheline Bourgoin, Les mains du coeur, Robert Laffont, 1995 (ISBN 978-2221076415)
  • Olivier Margot et Joël Bats, Football (L’Aventure du sport), Hatier & Rageot, 1985, 127 p.

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